What Women Are Saying About MilkSpace


“This so wonderful!  Women everywhere should be able to mother without limiting themselves!”  – J.G. 

“This is such an amazing idea!  As a mother who breastfed, I wish I had something like this at events. – C.T.

“Love the idea of the location being where you need it, that it’s private, and they make you feel comfortable.  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!”  – Anonymous

“15/hr! Mind Blowing, you can’t beat that.  Never seen anything like this before. – D.C.

This is a wonderful concept!  I pumped for my daughter for a year and would’ve done it for longer if I would’ve had something like this!” – S.W.

“This is the best concept ever for breastfeeding mommies!” – N.H.

“Such a great idea.  Thank you!” – A.

“Love this idea!  As a mom of two who struggled to find a safe place to feed/pump.  This is definitely something I’ll share with friends/colleagues.”  – L.G.

“I think this will be very helpful to mothers, because they’ll be able to enjoy being out without worrying.  No need to be shy or stared at.  So refreshing!” – R.N.

“The space was beautiful.  It’s very thoughtful for mothers that are nursing.  Great Job!” – T.W.

“This is a wonderful idea. Way to be empathetic and thoughtful!” – S.C.W.

“Love how you empower women.  Great idea.  Thank you!” – M.C.

“Love the concept, love the ability to nurse when needed.  In my days we pumped in awkward places, including the restroom in 1987.” – Anonymous

“Smart and innovative!” – D.C.

Awesome idea!  Helps moms a lot!” – N.O.

“There is nothing like this anywhere!”  – L.R.

“Love this idea!!” – K.C.

Love, love, love!” – S.M.C.

“Love it!!  This is AMAZING!!  Such an amazing idea!!” – E.M.

“This is so awesome.  Wish I had it years ago with my babies!”  – M.A.

“I think this so good for mothers!” – K.C.W.

“Super cute! Wonderful & beautiful concept!” – L.S.

“Great concept.  2018 Make it Happen!” – Anonymous



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