Milk Mama on A Mission

Kelli Mumphrey MilkSpace Founder

Having nursed my youngest daughter until she was 18 months, often I would either nurse/pump in a car or public restroom. While some women have no reservations about pumping/nursing in public, some Milk Mamas (including me) do not feel comfortable nursing/pumping in public.  Many times, I would simply result to not attending an event due to the anxiety of knowing that places/events that I would like to enjoy did not have designated spaces for mothers to express and/or store their milk. I was one of those less fortunate mothers who was only to able to pump 2-3 ounces per pumping session, so every drop of liquid gold counted! Having to choose to pump n dump was extremely frustrating, as I tried to continue to have an active life.  Ultimately, I became overwhelmed and depressed as I began to feel that I was bound to the house and had very little options if I wanted to spend more than two hours out of the house.

As a result of my own dissatisfaction in the availability of adequate spaces to nurse/pump and store my liquid gold, I decided to do something about it, and I founded MilkSpace, LLC as a service solution for Milk Mamas on the Go.  My desire to bring a service solution that accommodates nursing mothers is a need that is slowly being recognized.  Indeed, there are federal and state laws that protect Milk Mamas’ rights to nurse, with a heavy emphasis in the workplace.  However, for Milk Mamas who are on the GO, there is a dire need in continuity of care and services to ensure Milk Mamas can reach their breastfeeding goals…NO MATTER HER LOCATION.